How to Create a Personalized Broadcast Message with Different Data on WhatsApp


22 Mar 2023


Broadcast to WhatsApp is basically, a list of recipients who receive messages from your business in bulk on WhatsApp. You may send messages to an unlimited number of people at once with a WhatsApp Broadcast using BotSailor, including those who haven't added you to their contacts list.


In today's world of digital communication, businesses are constantly seeking ways to connect with their customers in a more personalized manner. One effective way of achieving this is through WhatsApp Broadcast, which allows businesses to send bulk messages to their subscribers. However, to make the communication even more personalized, businesses can incorporate different data for each subscriber in their messages.




In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a personalized broadcast message with different data on WhatsApp. Let's take a scenario where you have a list of subscribers with different dues and due dates on their accounts. User A has a total due of 50 USD, and his last payment date is 28th Feb, while user B owes $75 USD in total with a March 12 deadline and so on.





Follow the steps below to create a successful campaign.






To begin, you need to import the subscriber list with data. Go to the WhatsApp subscriber manager, select the WhatsApp account from which you want to send the message, and then choose the option to import subscribers. BotSailor provides a sample CSV file with only two columns: one for the phone number and the other for the name. You can download this file and use it as a template to create your subscriber list. Add more columns if needed, and these will be added as custom variables to use in your message template.


You can add a single quote at the beginning of any data for unusual formatting, or change the cell format to text and save it before uploading.







Once you have uploaded the CSV file, verify the first two data and select a label for these subscribers. If you leave it blank, the file name will be used as a label. The subscribers will be added successfully, and you will notice that the custom variable data has been added to them, along with the assigned label.










Now it's time to create a message template.



  1. Go to the WhatsApp bot manager, select the WhatsApp account, and then select the message template option.

  3. Click on the create button.

  5. Give the template a name, select the local and template category, and then write the message body. In the message body, use the custom field to incorporate the different data for each subscriber.

  7. Save the message template and check its status. Once it has been approved, you can move on to creating the broadcast.









  1. From the left navigation menu go to WhatsApp broadcasting and then click on the create button, and you will be redirected to the Visual Flow Builder.

  3. Give the campaign a name, select "anytime," and choose the message template you just created.

  5. In the include label ids, select the label you used to upload the subscribers' list.


It should show the number of targeted subscribers. Click on the Ok button. Then double-click on the Start Bot Flow to give a name to the bot flow. Finally, save the bot.









And that's it! You have successfully created a personalized broadcast message with different data for each subscriber. This will not only make your communication more effective but also help to establish a stronger bond with your customers.




We also have a video instruction on broadcasting with personalized data.




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