Update on 18th July 2024

New - New module to rescrict livechat feature (WhatsApp) (can be helpful to restrict basic package)

New : WhatsApp livechat last message delivery status in left sidebar.

Improved : Catalog sync now also sync product prices.

Improved : WhatsApp livechat 24-hour window time countdown

Fixed : Modal scroll issue in few pages issue.

Fixed : Admin view of user's usage log message count issue.


Update on 17th July 2024

New: 'Block' and 'Resolve' option added in whatsapp livechat


Update on 15th July 2024

New: Now you can set dynamic url during template creation from BotSailor.

Improve- Add New Subscribers option in Live Chat.

Improve- Option to add custom field value manually and display value in Live Chat section.

Fix : Upload WhatsApp Subscribers time out and label name issue fix.

Broadcast Campaign is now separated from Bot Reply Tab.


Update on 14th July 2024

Fixed: WhatsApp embedded signup error handling.

Fixed: WhatsApp webhook workflow dynamic variable in URL.

New: WhatsApp label API has been released.

New: WhatsApp register phone number manual button (useful after importing account using embedded signup or after a business name update).

New : WhatsApp template unlink option (only from Botsailor end)

Improvement: WhatsApp "Subscriber Assign Chat to Team" API parameters updated (re-implementation needed).

Bug fix - If subscriber name empty or Private , when subscribers send back message, original name will be updated. 


Update on 10th July 2024

-New: Webhook workflow subscriber name mapping

-New : Assign team feature added in webhook workflow

-Updated : Now assign team member directly has higher priority over team role

-Fix: Webhook workflow dynamic url template fixed

-Fixed : Webhook workflow dynamic url template issue

-Fixed : Update WhatsApp profile issue

-Fixed : Flow import in Instagram is not showing issue

-Fixed : Instagram bot error log is not showing issue

-Fixed : WhatsApp subscriber download data issue

 Update on 9th July 2024

- New: Embed Signup for WhatsApp Business Connection

Update on 7th July 2024

- Fix: Instagram Live Chat duplicate reply


Update on 4th July 2024

- Update: Livechat date with time display added

- Fix: Livechat select agent as default option


Update on 3rd July 2024

- Update: User Input Flow auto reset time option

- Update: Chat with human auto reset to chat with Robot option


 Update on 2nd July 2024

- Fix: WhatsApp Catalog purchase success message issue


Update on 1st July 2024

- Fix: Chat with human email settings issue for Instagram

- Update: Payment method "Chapa" has been added

- Update: Payement method "PayFast" has been added

- Update: WhatsApp Business Profile Settings (Learn more)


BotSailor Update on 25th June 2024

- Update: Live Chat AI Rewrite feature (Learn more)


Kamrul Hasan

1 Jul 2024
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