We're delighted to announce the opening of the BotSailor Affiliate Program today! We developed it as a way to thank the many marketers who take the time to tell their friends and followers about BotSailor. As an affiliate, you will be paid for any new premium or reseller accounts that join BotSailor as well as for any free signup users who later upgrade to a premium or reseller account.


Being an affiliate partner with BotSailor is one of the quickest methods to increase your income and impact in the chatbot marketing industry.


Earn 25% Recurring revenue for every referral. For life.

 We are serious about your position. You work in marketing. You move things. You possess influence. You can communicate with the individuals in your sphere far more successfully than we could.

This explains why we treat our affiliates well. You receive a 25% share of the monthly fee for each user who signs up through your referral. You will be getting your referral commission as long as they keep paying their monthly subscriptions.


Large return on your effort.

How difficult is it to sign up a referral?

Let's try this. Posting in a Facebook group, emailing, or putting a link on LinkedIn.

Any of those activities has the potential to generate referrals and activate a steady flow of money. The reward is enormous despite the minimal effort.


Payout Methods and rules

 You can request a withdrawal as soon as your affiliate account balance reaches $50. The payment will be completed in no more than five business days.

Your earnings will be available for withdrawal in PayPal and bKash (For Bangladesh only).



How can I sign up as a BotSailor affiliate partner?

You must first ask for an affiliate link; an account and link will be issued after verification. To confirm your status as one of our Affiliate partners, we could ask you for certain information.

To submit your affiliate link request, first login/sign-up to BotSailor. Then click on the top right side as screenshot.Click on Affiliate Program. You will get a form to submit some information. After submitting, BotSailor team will review your affiliate link request with in 24 business hours.

After review & getting approval, you will get a affiliate panel. In settings section, you will get your affiliate link.

Your affiliate dashboard and the link will look like the example given below.

Which click wins methods is followed by BotSailor :

Last Click Wins method. That means, the last affiliate will be awarded for visitors during sign-up.

Cookie expiration date : 1 Year cookie validity for a link click.

If you have question, please feel free to comment here.

BotSailor Team.



Kamrul Hasan

1 Dec 2022
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