WhatsApp and Telegram Whitelabel Chatbot Reseller


20 Jun 2022


BotSailor offers a white label chatbot reseller subscription package in addition to the free & premium individual subscription.The BotSailor White Label Chatbot Reseller package allows you to sell BotSailor's services to your customers under your own brand name.


That is, with the WhatsApp and Telegram Whitelabel Chatbot Reseller Package, you can start a software service business. 


In this instance, all you need to do is purchase a domain name. Furthermore, the program is installed on our server, not yours. Our server will be pointing at your domain name. Your end-users can go directly to your domain, which is directed to our server. That is, your end-user can access BotSailor's service, which is hosted on our server, through your domain. And your users can access the application over the internet by web browsers. Also,  they can access the BotSailor from almost any device. 


You normally have to pay a monthly subscription fee for accessing the service of BotSailor White Label Reseller . 


BotSailor, a free Telegram and WhatsApp bot building platform, is already installed and configured in our server. You just have to provide your domain name. And in a couple of hours, you will have the application ready to sell the service of the BotSailor. That is, you don’t have to spend time on installation and configuration. Also, you don’t have to worry about errors occurring in the BotSailor. The BotSailor team will fix the error immediately. When we update or upgrade the BotSailor, it automatically becomes available to you and your customer. And you don’t have to pay for the update or upgrade separately.  


You and your customers can usually use updated and fully functional BotSailor just by connecting to the internet and signing in. Because of the easy and immediate access to the BotSailor, you can save time and effort. Also, you don’t need any IT expertise. 


The BotSailor team solves technical issues, handle boring technical tasks. Also, they ensure data security. Therefore, you and your customers can concentrate on their work and use the valuable work time. 


In one word, we will manage all server stuff & software by ourselves. You don't need to be worried about server or software maintenance.


Read details about reseller settings here   https://botsailor.com/reseller/


Currently available white label packages & prices are here https://botsailor.com/pricing





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