How to send WooCommerce order notification to WhatsApp with BotSailor


14 Feb 2023


With BotSailor, you can send WooCommerce Order Notification to WhatsApp.


To send WooCommerce Order Notification to WhatsApp with BotSailor, first, you have to integrate your WooCommerce Store with BotSailor.


Second, you have to create an automation campaign in BotSailor for sending order notifications.


Integrating the WooCommerce store with BotSailor is easy. Read the article below to know how to integrate your WooCommerce store with BotSailor:


How to integrate WooCommerce for WhatsApp Automation in BotSailor


After you have integrated your WooCommerce Store with BotSailor, you have to create an automation campaign in the BotSailor.




  1. Go to WhatsApp Botmanager in the Dashboard of BotSailor.

  3. Select the WhatsApp Account from which you want to send order notification messages.

  5. Select WC/Shopify Automation option

  7. Click on the Create Button




  1. Write a campaign name in the Campaign name field.

  3. Enable WooCommerce in Store Type*

  5. In the Select Store API* field, select the WooCommerce store you have integrated with BotSailor.

  7. In the Action field, select the Order Notification option.

  9. In the Message Delay (minutes)* field, write time in minutes

  11. Just as you select the order notification option, the Message Template * field will be automatically filled out with system_order_success_notification_new message template.

  13. You can assign a label in the Assign Label field and assign a sequence in the Assign Sequence field.

  15. Click on the Save button.



Instantly, the automation campaign will be created.



After making an order on the WooCommerce store, you will get an order notification message in WhatsApp after the time you have specified in the campaign.





Yes, the order notification message has arrived.



Thank you for reading the article.




You can also watch the Video Instucruction to know How to send WooCommerce order notification to WhatsApp with BotSailor:




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