What is an AI Chatbot?

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based special computer software known as a chatbot converses with humans through text input. Chatbots are created by programmers to accurately mimic human conversational speech. Chatbots are being used more often by businesses to interact with consumers and promote their goods. We can utilize an AI chatbot on WhatsApp to automatically respond to messages right away.

Businesses can design the ideal chatbots to attract and retain customers using a variety of AI chatbot solutions. These AI chatbot platforms typically come with tools to assist you in creating and customizing chatbots that are appropriate for your consumer base.

AI chatbots are bringing new value to businesses’ marketing thanks to their capacity to direct customers through the sales funnel, maintain customer engagement after a transaction, and add personality to a company's brand. By adjusting businesses' replies and content to consumers' inquiries and interests, these chatbots give customers more individualized experiences, which helps reputation management. Additionally, they don't require human assistance and are inexpensive.


Are you searching for a chatbot builder that you can deploy quickly to automate customer service? Our team has your back. To spare you the trouble, we evaluated several bot builders and studied their evaluations and ratings.

Take a look at our hand-picked list of the top bot developers currently on the market.




For businesses with a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, this bot-building software performs well.

With the help of this chatbot creator, you can communicate and have conversations with your customers and subscribers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Instagram. For your convenience, it also offers connection with SMS and email.

Additionally, it offers a drag-and-drop editor with a structured and flexible interface for building your chatbot. Additionally, you have complete control over the content of what your bot tells your consumers.



       1. Free version available

       2. Monthly subscriptions fee for pro version starts from $15 per month.





BotSailor is a free WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot builder. BotSailor presents a beautifully designed interface and drag-and-drop WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot building functionality. It supports rich media, brands are able to work with video, images, GIF’, audio and more.

Its conditional bot building feature gives the ability to leverage conditions to create hyper-personalized conversations flow. BotSailor allows human assistance in addition to real-time conversation handling by bots. You may always watch take control of client interactions on Live Chat, which is very useful if you want to deal with a hot new lead directly.

You'll have a difficult time finding a tool with as many features as this one. A variety of clever ways to interact with your audience have been integrated into BotSailor. For instance, you may use sophisticated filters to execute customized ads and discover the ideal audience for your product. In order to increase the number of subscribers for your business account, you can use the WhatsApp chat widget on your website. You can also utilize the BotSailor’s user input flow and custom field feature allows to collect user information in a human like conversations.

Your WooCommerce and Shopify marketing may be scaled up to the new label with the aid of BotSailor's Webhook Workflow. When a consumer places a purchase order or if the status of their order changes, you may send alerts to their WhatsApp account. In order to stop false orders, you may also verify the cash on delivery orders.

BotSailor's outbound Webhook enables the integration of third-party applications like Zapier and Pabbly to deliver data acquired by WhatsApp bot for use in fulfilling various marketing requirements.

In a nutshell, BotSailor is a full-featured WhatsApp ChatBot marketing tool for your online business.



   1. Free version available

   2. Premium version starts from $7 per month

   3. White Label License starts from $45 per month




A multichannel marketing software called SendPulse can assist you in simplifying your consumer communication channels. Its features list includes automated chatbot flows.

It is simple to develop a chatbot using its drag-and-drop editor. To build a successful sales funnel for your subscribers, set up auto-replies and triggers.

Speaking about subscribers, expanding your contact list might be beneficial. For instance, you might include a subscription widget on your company website or send your current subscriber list an email or text message asking them to opt in to receiving WhatsApp messages from you as well. You may then invite team members to your SendPulse account to help distribute the effort evenly as you handle all the new conversations.

It also provides useful analytics. With this knowledge at your fingertips, it is much simpler to maintain tracks on the quantity of messages sent, delivered, and opened, allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts with more knowledge.



    1. Basic free plan (Free plan doesn’t include WhatsApp Chatbot builder).

    2. Pricing for only using it for WhatsApp starts at $5.20 per month.




 MessengerPeople offers services to both large and small businesses. It advertises itself as a straightforward WhatsApp chatbot tool, which it actually is.

With the aid of a well-planned conversation flow, you may interact with consumers in a more polished and natural way. Additionally, MessengerPeople offers the uncommon ability to gather user attributes.

You may engage in more in-depth conversations with customers about their wants and how your business can satisfy them thanks to the chatbot's ability to recall information about the user as they interact with it.

They have also improved the system's foundation to offer a more efficient user experience. The helpful capabilities of MessengerPeople, including ticket assignment, represent a step in the direction of automation.

Users may easily relocate tickets made as a result of conversations with a WhatsApp chatbot by utilizing drag and drop.

The WhatsApp Chatbot Tool regularly sends messages to people.

MessengerPeople has had relatively amazing success. 



    1. No Free Plans

    2. Pricing starts at $80





SendBee supports WhatsApp chats for hundreds of companies. You may invite your team members to SendBee after creating their WhatsApp Business API profiles so they can begin managing chats together. It is much simpler to organize and respond to WhatsApp chats from a single location thanks to its inbox.

It also provides a simple chatbot builder for WhatsApp if you want to automate your discussions. When your business is closed, for instance, you may automatically send consumers an "Away" message or design other templates that will greatly speed up your response time.



On request, pricing is provided.