BotSailor has introduced a new payment gateway known as TAP. This payment gateway offers versatile functionality, allowing it to be utilized for various purposes. For instance, BotSailor's White Label resellers have the option to facilitate payments from their end users through TAP. Additionally, users can employ TAP to streamline payment collection within their Telegram and WhatsApp-based e-commerce stores for their product catalogs.


In this blog, we will show you how to Get the API from the TAP and use it on BotSailor.


Get the API from TAP:

  1. To get Secret Key and Public Key you have to go to the “goSell” option if you’re logged in (



  1. Click on API Credentials then you get Secret Key and Public Key.



Now, you have both the Secret key and Public Key to use in BotSailor.



For White Label Reseller to take Payment:

BotSailor is diligently striving to exceed user expectations by continuously enhancing its services. While we already offer a variety of payment options for our White Label Resellers, we are committed to expanding opportunities for our users even further. As part of this effort, we are excited to introduce the TAP payment method, which can now be utilized by White Label users to facilitate payments.

In the following guide, we will walk you through the process of adding the TAP payment method for Resellers, enabling them to seamlessly collect payments from their end users.

First, go to your dashboard and click on the settings button. Then click on the Payment option.



Then from the left menu select Tap and put the TAP secret key and make the status active then hit the save button. That’s all. Now White Label Reseller’s end users will be able to make payments through TAP.




For WhatsApp Catalog to take Payment:

Now you have the option to utilize the TAP payment method for collecting payments related to your WhatsApp Catalog. This means added convenience and flexibility for both you and your customers when it comes to transactions within your WhatsApp catalog. The TAP payment method is seamlessly integrated to ensure a smooth and hassle-free payment experience. Explore this new avenue to enhance your WhatsApp Catalog and streamline the payment process.


To add the TAP payment method to WhatsApp Catalog go to eCommerce Catalog from the dashboard.



From the catalog manager, go to payment settings. Then select TAP and then put the secret and make the payment method active. Finally, save it.




For Telegram eCommerce Store:

Also, you can use the TAP payment method for the eCommerce store in Telegram. To add the TAP payment method to the Telegram eCommerce store, go to the eCommerce store (Telegram) from the dashboard. Then select the store.

From the right side Actions menu, select Payment Settings. From the Payment API scroll down to find and click on TAP. Put the Secret key, make it active, and save it. Now, your users can make a purchase from your Telegram eCommerce store by using the TAP payment method.




Overall, the TAP payment gateway's integration within BotSailor underscores the platform's commitment to innovation and user-centric enhancements. Whether you're operating as a White Label reseller, managing a WhatsApp Catalog, or running an eCommerce store on Telegram, the TAP payment method stands as a valuable tool to enhance payment collection and elevate the overall user experience. Embrace the power of TAP within BotSailor to revolutionize your payment processes and drive success in your respective endeavors.




10 Aug 2023
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