Selling Products on WhatsApp with BotSailor's Catalog Integration


30 Aug 2023


In today's digital world, businesses are always looking for smart ways to connect with customers and boost sales. WhatsApp, once just a messaging app, has become a great place for businesses to interact with customers and sell products directly. With WhatsApp Catalogue and BotSailor's chatbot, you can take your sales to a whole new level. In this guide, we'll show you how to use WhatsApp Catalogue and BotSailor to increase your sales strategy and make shopping easy.





  1. WhatsApp Catalogue: Elevating Your Product Showcase


Before we get into the cool stuff with BotSailor, let's talk about WhatsApp catalouge. WhatsApp Catalogue like a magical tool that helps businesses show off their products and services right inside chats. Instead of writing long messages about what you're selling, you can use Catalogue to create a cool display with pictures and info. This makes it easy for customers to pick what they want to buy without any confusion. No more boring messages – just cool visuals that make shopping fun!







How to Create a WhatsApp Catalogue:



  1. At first, go to the, then go to Commerce from the Tools menu.

  3. Then click on your business account in the top right corner, then hit Get Started.

  5. Choose to make a catalog, then pick ecommerce. Say if your things are online or local, and press next.

  7. Decide how to add stuff: by hand or through places like Shopify. Tell whose catalog this is (your business) and name it.

  9. After you make the catalog, see it by clicking View Catalog. Add items by pressing Add Items, choose Manual, and put in pics, names, and descriptions. Click Upload when done. You can add lots of stuff.

  11. Now, you need to link the catalog to WhatsApp. From All Tools, pick WhatsApp Manager. In Account Tools, tap Catalog. Then choose your catalog and click Connect.

  13. Once it's connected, you'll need to bring it into BotSailor. It helps show your stuff and lets people buy from WhatsApp.







Hope this version helps you understand the process better! If you want more details then visit How to Integrate a Product Catalog on WhatsApp.





  1. Integrating WhatsApp Chatbot with BotSailor: Automating the Experience


So, we know about WhatsApp Catalogue, right? It's awesome for showing off your stuff. But when you bring in BotSailor's chatbot skills, that's when the real magic kicks in. Imagine having a clever assistant that does things for you automatically. That's the chatbot! It's like a personal touch that makes things faster and cooler in your sales chats. Your customers will be happy because they get quick answers and great service. It's like turning questions into buying without any stress.


Setting Up WhatsApp Catalouge with BotSailor:



  1. Go to Connect Account under WhatsApp section.

  3. Click on Sync button under WhatsApp Number.

  5. Then go to e-Commerce Catalog menu. Here you will find your connected catalog.












Building the Chatbot Flow: We can build WhatsApp chatbot in two ways.



  1. Manually write the specific code for the chatbot.

  3. Use BotSailor to build chatbots that do not require any coding knowledge.


As coding the chatbot manually requires technical knowledge, that maybe challenging to manipulate for everybody. So , if you are not an expert or do not have a developer, I recommend the second option.


Building a WhatsApp chatbot with BotSailor is very simple and can be done without writing even a single line of code. To build a WhatsApp bot, it involves the following major steps:



  1. Sign up BotSailor: At first, you have to go the BotSailor website and fill up the “BotSailor-Sign up” form.





  1. Connect your WhatsApp business account on BotSailor: Now, please login your account as follow instructions:



  • Visit --> 2. Click on “Sign” button --> 3. Fill up the fields of the form --> 4. Click on “Login” button.



  1. Think about the conversation and fulfill the requirements: Generally, every business has its own style. Therefore, I think there is no recipe for a chatbot with the WhatsApp design. So, you should just keep your customer’s journey in mind so that you can map out your conversation elements and diagram.








  1. Configure it in the WhatsApp Bot Manager of BotSailor and test your chatbot on WhatsApp: Now, from the "Dashboard", you have to create a bot according to the instruction,



  • Click on the "Bot Manager" navigation menu --> 2. From "WhatsApp Bot Manager", select the desired Bot Account. --> 3. Click on “Bot Reply” section --> Click on the "Create" button.



  1. Chat from a WhatsApp number and test your WhatsApp chatbot: Now, in WhatsApp Apps, you can start a chat conversion from a customer WhatsApp number. Firstly, send a message with the keyword which is given in the Trigger. Then, test your WhatsApp chatbot. If the conversion runs successfully, the bot creation will be okay.

  3. Improve your chatbot through monitoring: By collecting feedback from customers and monitoring your chatbot conversations through our platform, you can improve your chatbot.


This should help you understand the process more easily. If you need more details then visit How to build a WhatsApp chatbot in some simple steps.




Enabling Automation and Efficiency:





  1. Save your Bot Flow and enable it in the Flow Builder.

  3. Your WhatsApp Chatbot is now live and ready to engage customers.






Benefits of Using BotSailor for WhatsApp Sales:


Selling thing through social media, called social commerce, is becoming really big. It's predicted to be worth $1.3 trillion in 2023. WhatsApp, a social messaging app with over 2 billion users worldwide and an open rate of around 98%, has then become an effective sales, marketing, and customer service platform for business owners to better engage prospects and customers.


WhatsApp Business catalog, as one of the popular features on the free WhatsApp Business app, then becomes an essential tool to help sell more and promote products better on WhatsApp. Wondering how to create a catalog on WhatsApp? Read on to discover all about it.







Effortless Engagement: BotSailor automates conversations, providing instant responses to customer inquiries.


Personalized Recommendations: The chatbot can suggest products based on user preferences and previous interactions.


24/7 Availability: Your chatbot is always ready to assist customers, even outside regular business hours.


Increased Conversions: Streamlined conversations and personalized interactions lead to higher conversion rates.


Scalability: Handle multiple customer queries simultaneously, improving your overall customer support.




Conclusion: In the world of online shopping, WhatsApp has become a powerful tool to connect with customers and make sales happen. But guess what? It gets even cooler when you bring in WhatsApp Catalogue and BotSailor's chatbot skills. These two together create a whole new level of awesomeness.


Imagine you're on an adventure, and WhatsApp Catalogue is like your treasure map. It shows all your cool things to customers in a way that's easy and fun. But now, add BotSailor's chatbot – it's like having a helper who knows everything! It talks with customers, suggests stuff they might love, and does it all super-fast. This makes shopping an amazing journey for your customers.


With WhatsApp Catalogue and BotSailor, you're not just selling things – you're giving customers a special experience. It's like offering a personalized shopping trip without any hassles. So, join this exciting future of sales on WhatsApp with BotSailor. Start today, and watch your sales grow while making customers super happy. Your adventure begins now, and there's no limit to where WhatsApp commerce can take you!

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