How to set up the WhatsApp Cloud API with BotSailor


22 Aug 2022


Facebook has now opened the WhatsApp cloud API all over the world for WhatsApp Messaging platform. Now with this WhatsApp official API which is secured & safe to use for WhatsApp chat marketing.



Inside BotSailor, to start chat marketing automation, you will first need to integrate your WhatsApp phone number. This is need to be done with some Cloud API setup. It's easy to setup & integrate WhatsApp Cloud API phone number. In this article we are going to provide a details step about integrating WhatsApp Cloud API.




Before start to setup, first make sure to ready a phone number that doens't connected with WhatsApp yet. For Cloud API integration, phone number is need to be added in Cloud API only. You can't use the same phone number in mobile WhatsApp. So we suggest to use a new phone number than existing phone number. However you can also use existing whatsApp phone number by migrating to Cloud API . 




Ok, Now let start the step to setup WhatsApp Cloud API inside BotSailor.




Create an App


To build a WhatsApp bot, first, you have to connect your bot to BotSilor. And to connect your bot, you have to create an app for WhatsApp. 


To create an app, go to  developer facebook . And click on the My Apps tab on the page. 



Instantly, a page will appear with a Create App button and all your predefined apps.


Click on the Create App button to create an app.



Instantly, a page called Create an App will appear with a list of app types. And from the list of app types, you have to select a type. Select Business as your app type. Then click on the next button. 



And a form will appear and you have to fill out the form by providing the basic information. 


In the Display name field, add a display name for your business account. In the App Contact Email field, provide an Email address. 


In the Business Account field, you can select a Business account. Click on the Field, and a list of predefined Business accounts will appear. And from the list, you can select a Business account. Anyway, the field is optional. 


Now click on the Create App button.



Instantly, a pop-up form will appear with a password field. And in the password field, you have to re-enter your Facebook password. After re-entering your Facebook password, click on the submit button. 


Instantly, the product page will appear. On the page, you have to add a product to the app. 


Since you will create an app for a WhatsApp business account, you have to add WhatsApp to the app. 


Scroll down the page and you will see the WhatsApp section. Now click on the setup button of the WhatsApp section.



Instantly, the Getting started page will appear. In the temporary access token field, you will get a temporary access token that will expire in 23 hours. You would better not use the temporary access token. 



You can also refresh the token by clicking on the refresh button. If you connect the bot with the access token, the bot will last only 23 hours. You can use the temporary access token for testing purposes. I suggest you not to use a temporary access token. 


In the selected phone number section, you will see the phone number ID and WhatsApp business account id. And to connect to the bot, you need the WhatsApp Business Account ID. 



Add phone number


Now you have to add a phone number for the bot and verify it. To add and verify a phone number go to the step-5 section called Add a phone number.


Now 5 and click on the Add phone number button.



 And instantly, a modal form will appear. In the form, you must provide profile information that will be visible to people on WhatsApp. 


In the WhatsApp Business Profile display name, you have to provide a display name. Then in the Timezone field, select a timezone. Then select a category of your business in the Category field. Click on the Category field and a drop-down list of the different categories will appear. And from the list select a category. 


Then you can write your business description — the field is optional, not required. Then click on the next button. 



Instantly, a modal form will appear with a field called the phone number. And in the Phone Number field, you have to provide your phone number. After that, you have to choose how you would like to verify your phone number — via text message or Phone call. 



Well, after providing your phone number and choosing the verifying option click on the next button. 


Then, you have to verify your phone number. 



Configure Webhook


Now, you have to configure the webhook to receive messages. To configure webhooks, go to step 3 and click on the Configure webhooks button.



 Instantly, a page called Configuration will appear. 


In the webhook section, you will see an edit button. Now click on the edit button.