Everybody knows that conversational chatbots services have revolutionized customer service. According to a study of Researcher, in the next two years, 38% of organizations will plan to implement it. This means a 40% increase in technology adoption.

But running a chatbot isn't just about implementing AI: you need to make sure your customers have positive experiences. That's where the chatbots with Conversational Artificial Intelligence play a fundamental role.

Let’s dive in and discover what are the benefits of this and the challenge of its implementation, and how to make the most out of your bots.


Importance of customer experience


A recent study shows that more than 30% of customers are willing to abandon a brand after a bad customer service experience.

Bad experiences, in general, are produced by:

  • Lack of empathy on the part of the person responding to the customer
  • Automatic responses without resolution
  • Non-customized solutions, without considering the needs of each particular user
  • Lack of response or excessive waiting times



So what do you need to know when implementing a conversational chatbot and delivering a great customer experience? Here’s a small guide with some advantages and issues to which you must pay special attention.


Why are chatbots a powerful partner for your company?

Chatbots help businesses in two main ways. First, they make customer service faster and save money by quickly answering common questions, so human workers can do harder jobs. Second, bots are like friendly online helpers that make it easy for customers to get help. Some are simple and good for easy tasks, while others are smart and learn from talking to customers, making the experience better. Here we will see how help it Business and Customer.


Benefits of Chatbot for Business

From financial benefits of chatbots to improving the customer satisfaction of your clients. So, why are it essential for business? Here’s an infographic showing off the benefits.

  1. Generate Leads: Before chatting starts, it can gather information from visitors, like their name and email. It can ask questions to figure out what the visitor is interested in, making it easier to help them. For example, if you sell gift boxes, the bot might ask, "What's the special occasion?" to understand the visitor's needs.
  2. Increase Sales: Chatbots can help turn website visitors into customers. They can show new products and offer discounts to encourage people to buy. It can also send messages about deals or news to speed up the decision to buy. They can assist with product recommendations and help with the purchase process.
  3. Save Costs: Chatbots can do tasks that don't need human help, like answering common questions or booking tickets. This saves money compared to hiring more staff. You still need a few people to supervise, but it make things faster and cheaper.
  4. Improve Customer Engagement: Chatbots act like helpful assistants. They make the customer's experience more interactive. Instead of reading boring articles, customers can talk to the bot and get personalized help.


  1. Conversational Marketing: Chatbots can be part of your marketing strategy. They suggest products, take orders, and guide customers to buy. Data collected by bots can be used for personalized emails and filling gaps in customer conversations.
  2. Decrease Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the number of people who leave your website quickly. It can engage visitors, keeping them on your site longer. They can offer help or discounts when a visitor is about to leave.
  3. Gain Customer Insights: Chatbots can collect customer info and feedback. You can even ask customers how happy they are with your brand. It help understand why customers leave and offer special deals to keep them.
  4. Help with Hiring: Even the HR department can use chatbots. They can answer job candidates' questions and keep them informed about the hiring process. This frees up HR staff to focus on other tasks.
  5. Reduce Requests to Human Agents: Chatbots can handle many customer questions effectively. This means fewer questions for human customer service agents. It can make customers happier and give agents more time to help in-depth.

When chatbots handle some customer inquiries, it can make both customers and your human agents happier. Human agents won't feel pressured to answer questions super-fast, and they can spend more time giving detailed help. This means better care for customers and a better view of your brand.


Let’s move on to find out what some of the benefits chatbots have for your customers.


Benefits of Chatbots for Customers

It's important that not only your business benefits from it, but your clients should also be happy with them for the best results!

This is how chatbots can help you achieve this.

  1. Available for customers 24/7: Chatbots are like customer helpers that never sleep. They can answer your questions anytime, day or night, making late-night shopping easier.
  2. Multilingual support: Chatbots can talk to you in different languages, so you can get help in the language you're comfortable with, even if it's not English.
  3. Better personalization: Chatbots can talk to you like a friend and suggest things you might like based on what you tell them. This makes you feel special.

  1. Easy Shopping: Chatbots can help you buy stuff without making you click a lot of buttons. They can take you straight to the checkout to pay quickly, just like ordering products.
  2. They Talk First: Instead of waiting for a company to talk to you, chatbots can start the conversation. This makes you like the company more.
  3. Faster response time: Chatbots are super-fast. They answer your questions in a few seconds, which is much quicker than waiting for a person. They also help human workers by dealing with simple questions.
  4. Everywhere You Need: You can find chatbots on different apps and websites, like WhatsApp or Facebook. So, wherever you look for help, they can be there.

In simple words, chatbots make your online experience easier by being available all the time, speaking your language, giving you personalized advice, making shopping simple, and replying quickly. They even talk to you first and can be where you need them.


Selecting the Ideal Marketing Tool for Your Business


Choosing the right marketing tool for your business is crucial.  Here are two standout options for your business. They are:   BotSailor and ChatPion. BotSailor simplifies your Telegram and WhatsApp marketing endeavors with features like chatbots, broadcasting, and AI-powered interactions. It's all about streamlined communication and integrations. On the other hand, ChatPion offers a versatile solution, combining chatbots with e-Commerce and social media marketing on various platforms. It's user-friendly with interactive chatbot builders, post scheduling, and customization options. Ultimately, the choice between BotSailor and ChatPion depends on your specific marketing needs, you can also pick both of them which will suits your goals.



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