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14 Aug 2023


Did We Just Create the Perfect Solution for Your Business? 




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Are you a new e-commerce entrepreneur getting ready to start your online store?


Or perhaps an established business struggling to grow due to limited time and resources? 


Let's discover if you are the one who needs our  Innovative services and see how it can provide the perfect support for your growth and prosperity! 




E-commerce Businesses 



For both growing startups and established enterprises in the world of E-commerce, BotSailor presents an exceptional opportunity to expand customer engagement, accelerate sales processes, and promote significant business growth. 


The connection also works great with popular platforms like Shopify, opening up many exciting possibilities. This includes better ways to handle orders and getting notifications about them. Moreover, a clever function makes it easy to turn Cash On Delivery (COD) orders into prepaid transactions, all using the convenience of WhatsApp.





Companies That Use Online Forms on Their Website and External Apps From Other Providers 



If you run an online store and use tools like Typeform, Google Forms, WP Elementor, WooCommerce, or Shopify, you're in for a treat. BotSailor can smoothly work with these tools. This means we can send personal messages to your customers based on what they share, like when they fill out a form. This special touch helps your customers feel important, interested, and more likely to purchase from you again.




Customer Support Teams 





Enjoy faster responses, higher engagement, and increased customer happiness. Lift up your business by live-chat on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram with BotSailor. Experience better interaction and happier customers with automated and personalised chats.




Businesses with SMS and Email Communication Needs 



Get ready for marketing campaigns that leave traditional email efforts in the dust! With BotSailor, your marketing and sales dream team can send out promotions, updates, and fun notifications anytime you please. Say goodbye to dull and hello to dynamic as you dive into the world of promotions, updates, and customer connections that pack a punch!





Here’s some more insight towards what other exciting services BotSailor can offer 🎁




Introducing the Full-Featured E-commerce Platform for Telegram Bots 



Imagine a world where your Telegram bot becomes your virtual sales agent, guiding users through an engaging shopping journey. Present a feature-rich online store directly within your Telegram bot, from product discovery to payment, home delivery arrangements & group management. Use your Telegram bot as a driving force for your sales, providing users with an exciting shopping experience.


learn more about this amazing feature at 👉 [ https://youtu.be/kb37lYIREW4 ]




Maximise Sales Opportunities through WhatsApp Catalog Integration



While WhatsApp is famous for customer engagement, BotSailor goes beyond by introducing WhatsApp Catalog integration. This amazing feature lets you display your products directly within WhatsApp. Customers can effortlessly see your catalogue, resulting in increased sales and conversions. Advance both sales and customer experience with the integration of WhatsApp Catalog. 


Interested how it works? Check here ➡️ [ https://youtu.be/HfLgsIf0bv8 ]





Accelerate Growth with Short Links & Chat Widgets



Use our short links to simply share your bot or business across websites, social media platforms, and emails. Upon a user's click, instant engagement starts, offering immediate responses from your bot. But the excitement doesn't stop there! BotSailor brings its chat widgets to your website for Telegram and WhatsApp. This helps your subscriber base grow faster than ever.


See the process here ▶️  https://youtu.be/E9XMIk_H7Bk  & https://youtu.be/lWPRp3ATqtw 





Seamless Bot Creation with Visual Drag & Drop Editor


Suppose you want to create a smart chatbot for your business, but you're not a coding expert. No problem! BotSailor has an amazing tool that lets you design your chatbot just like you're building with blocks. No coding skills needed! This special tool shows you the big picture of your chatbot. You can easily design, test, and build it all in one place online.


Check out this amazing feature here   https://youtu.be/tiYD2ezYY5Y 





Amplify Your Business Growth with Broadcasting Tool 



Imagine if you could boost your business like a rocket taking off 🚀 BotSailor has this  tool called Broadcasting that can help. Whether you want to wake up old customers, spark interest in your audience again, or send important messages, BotSailor's Broadcasting tool makes sure you hit the bullseye by talking to the right people. 🎯



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