Top 10 uses of WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce


14 Jan 2023


A WhatsApp chatbot is software that can automatically reply to queries from users via WhatsApp. 


WhatsApp chatbot can make conversations with thousands of people at the same time without getting bored or tired. Moreover, it is available 24/7. That is, it can hold conversations with thousands of people while you are asleep and taking a rest or spending time with your friends and families. 


WhatsApp chatbots are mainly used to automatically reply to queries about businesses and products. Besides, they are used to give initial information about the company, products, and services. 


There are many uses of WhatsApp Chatbot for E-commerce for your business. In this article, I will talk about the top 10 uses of WhatsApp chatbots. 




Lead Generation:


Lead generation is probably the most essential part of the whole sales process. Without it, you can’t think of the Sales process. With WhatsApp Chatbot, you can easily collect leads from customers easily and quickly. The moment a customer sends a single message, you get the phone number of the customer. 


Besides, WhatsApp Chatbot has a feature to collect any type of data from customers. It collects their details in a conversational way. Therefore, the customers provide their data without being disturbed. The user provides data by writing them with their own hand. Therefore, the data they provide is real-time and authentic.




Abandoned cart recovery: 


WhatsApp Chatbot for E-commerce can send abandoned cart recovery notifications to customers. Sometimes, customers enter your eCommerce store, choose products and add the products to the cart and then exit the store and forget to come back to finish checkout. 


WhatsApp Chatbot can send abandoned cart recovery reminders to customers who have forgotten to check out. And getting the abandoned car recovery reminder, customers can get back to the store and finish the checkout. 


In this way, the WhatsApp chatbot can improve conversion. 




Detect fake orders in Cash on Delivery: 


With WhatsApp Chatbot, you can easily reduce fake orders in Cash on delivery.  WhatsApp Chatbot can send messages with Confirm and Cancel buttons to customers when a customer places an order in WooCommerce and Shopify. If the order is real, the customer will press the confirm order button. On the other hand, if the order is fake, the customer will press the Cancel order button. 


Getting the message, if the customer press the confirm order button, the order will be confirmed. On the contrary, if the customer presses the Cancel button, the order will be canceled. 


In this way, you can easily detect fake orders.


Order update notification: 


Normally, your customers want to know the order updates and other queries about delivery. To know the order updates, customers have to go through different platforms. And it is a time-consuming task. 


The WhatsApp Chatbot lets you send order update notifications the moment the package changes location. Besides, it can send notifications in any case of delay. Therefore, the customers don’t have to check the website or app again and again to know the updates.




Placing an Order:


Through WhatsApp Chatbot, a customer can browse products as well as place orders on your eCommerce store. Therefore, customers don’t need to use different platforms – customers can buy things from you with less endeavor. In a nutshell, WhatsApp Chatbot is a single channel for customers to complete the whole process of shopping. 


As a result, the possibility of the sale will be increased. 




Managing Payment Related Queries:


If an eCommerce company daily manages huge sales, taking on payment becomes a huge task. Because of a bad payment experience, you can lose sales and customers instantly. 


Using WhatsApp chatbots, you can guarantee high-level payment handling. 


WhatsApp chatbot can refer customers to their respective customer service agents after it has automated the basic-level, repetitive queries. 




Automating Frequently Asked Questions:


If you have an eCommerce firm, you want your customer to have a comfortable journey from the time they first visit your website to check out. During the whole process, naturally, customers ask frequent questions to know about your products and business. And you have to reply to frequent questions to help them make their purchase decision easier. 


If you answer the frequent question properly, the chances of customers staying on the stage are high. 


If the frequent questions are answered properly, the chances of customers staying on the stage are high. Because of WhatsApp chatbots for eCommerce, it will be easy for you to address FAQs since it lets you answer all the customers’ purchase decision queries fast. 


As a result, you can increase your conversion rate and reduce the support ticket volumes because you can provide instant solutions instead of waiting for someone to get back after some time. 




Retargeting customers: 


With WhatsApp Chatbot, you can retarget customers. When a new product arrives in your store, you can send a message about the product to your current customers. By getting the message, the customer will know about the products. And when a customer knows about a product, he/she may get interested in the product.




Complete support system:


With WhatsApp chatbot, you can build a complete and effective support system. This support system can handle basic-label repetitive queries instantly. It can provide support to thousands of customers at the same time. Moreover, the support system is available 24/7. 


And if a customer wants to talk with a human representative, they can easily skip the chatbot and contact a human representative. 




Collect feedback and review:


Collecting feedback and review from customers is a complicated task, not an easy one. 


Because of the built-in camera feature in WhatsApp, you can easily convince customers to take photos or record a video of the products and send it to you. 


As a result, you can easily collect feedback and review via the WhatsApp chatbot. It can approach the customer at the right time for photo or video feedback on the product. And you can publish positive feedback and review on the product page and social media to attract more customers and generate more leads.

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