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6 Nov 2023


An affiliate program is like a partnership where one business or influencer promotes products or services from another business. When people buy these products through the promotion, the affiliate earns a commission. This partnership can happen through websites, social media, or product placements.


For example,, a website owned by The New York Times, suggests products to shoppers. They make money by promoting products from certain retailers. It might seem like their recommendations could be biased, but that's not the case.


"" only earns money if someone buys and keeps a product they recommend from a retailer. They have no reason to promote bad products because if they did, they wouldn't earn as much money, and people wouldn't trust their recommendations.







What Are Affiliate Programs?


Affiliate marketing is like a referral system where bloggers or website owners can earn money by promoting products from a business. Here's how it works:


Join a program: Sign up for an affiliate marketing program.


Find a product: Choose a product to promote.


Promote it: Share the product with others, usually through a website or social media.


Earn a commission: Get a percentage of the profit for each sale made through your referral.




Sales are tracked using special links provided by the affiliate program. In this setup, there are three main roles:


Advertiser: This is the company selling the product. They want to sell their products and spread the word about them.


Publisher: This is the affiliate marketer, like a blogger or website owner. They want to earn money by promoting products.


Consumer: These are the people looking to buy a product.







Why Websites Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform


Influencers often use social media, emails, or podcasts to promote products. However, websites are considered the best choice for affiliate partnerships for several reasons:


Ownership: When you use social media, you have to follow their rules, which can change frequently. But with a website, you have full control and ownership.


SEO Benefits: Social media posts are fleeting, but with a website, you can steadily grow your audience over time. Even though results might not be immediate, a well-optimized website can attract more visitors in the long run.


Diverse Income Sources: Apart from promoting affiliate products, websites offer various ways to earn money. You can sell digital products, feature sponsored posts, or display ads, creating multiple streams of income.


Content Variety: Websites allow you to publish different types of content. Did you know that around 65% of affiliate marketers attract visitors through blogging? Common types of affiliate marketing blog posts include lists, product reviews, guides, and tutorials.




What Are The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?


Many people today are intrigued by affiliate marketing and wonder why it's gaining so much attention. Well, the reason is quite straightforward.




Simplicity: Affiliate marketing doesn't demand extensive experience or deep marketing knowledge. It's relatively straightforward, involving basic SEO techniques, smart strategies, and good writing skills. With some research, anyone can start working in this field. Success comes with the right blend of SEO practices and compelling content.


Low Investment: Unlike many businesses, becoming an affiliate doesn't require a hefty initial investment. You can begin by creating an affiliate landing page. This means you only need to cover the costs of website domains and hosting. It's a budget-friendly way to start earning commissions by promoting other people's products.









Want to boost your earnings in Chatbot marketing?


Here's the way for you: Introducing the BotSailor Affiliate Program


We are thrilled to share the news about the launch of the  BotSailor Affiliate Program  today! This program is our way of showing appreciation to the marketers who spread the word about BotSailor to their friends and followers. As an affiliate, you'll earn commissions for every new premium or reseller account that joins BotSailor. You'll also be rewarded for free users who upgrade to premium or reseller accounts later on.




Becoming a  BotSailor affiliate is a fast and effective way to boost your earnings and influence in the chatbot marketing industry. Join us today and start making an impact!




Get 25% Recurring Income for Every Referral, Forever.


We value your role. You're a marketing expert, a mover, and a shaker. Your influence and communication skills are unmatched in your circle.


That's why we take care of our affiliates. When someone signs up through your referral, you earn a 25% share of their monthly fee. And you keep receiving your commission as long as they stay subscribed. It's that simple.




How hard is it to get a referral?


Consider this: posting in a Facebook group, sending an email, or sharing a link on LinkedIn.


Any of these actions can bring in referrals and create a consistent income stream. The reward is substantial, given the minimal effort required.




Withdrawal Guidelines and Options


You can cash out your earnings once your affiliate account balance hits $50. The payment will be processed within five business days.


You can receive your earnings through PayPal, and for users in Bangladesh, bKash is also available.




How do you become a BotSailor affiliate partner?


Simple! To become a BotSailor affiliate partner, request an affiliate link by logging in or signing up on the BotSailor website. Click on "Affiliate Program" and fill out the provided form with the necessary details. The BotSailor team will review your request within 24 business hours. Once approved, you'll receive an affiliate panel in the settings section, where you can find your affiliate link. For logging or signing, you will get the full details in this blog: BotSailor’s Affiliate Program



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