Transaction In our chatbot platform, we provide a dedicated `Transactions` section that empowers users to efficiently oversee and control their historical and pending transactions. This encompassing feature is designed to cater not only to transactions conducted through our chatbot but also those originating from various channels, such as our website and mobile app

Within our `Transactions` section, users will find the following key details:

  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Transaction type (e.g., purchase, payment, refund, etc.)
  • Transaction amount
  • Transaction status (e.g., pending, completed, cancelled, etc.)
  • Supplementary transaction information (e.g., Email, First and Last Name, Method, Amount, Package, Billing Cycle, Paid at, Invoice.)

To enhance user experience, our platform also offers robust filtering and search functionalities, allowing users to sort their transactions by criteria like date, type, amount, and status. This empowers users to easily locate specific transactions and monitor their spending habits over time.

Moreover, our `Transactions` section isn`t just about tracking; it`s a powerful tool for generating insightful reports. Users can access reports summarizing their spending within specific time frames or categorizing expenses. This feature proves invaluable for budgeting and expense tracking.

Here are some practical use cases our users can enjoy with our `Transactions` section:

  • Reviewing a comprehensive history of past purchases to locate order details or receipts.
  • Checking the status of pending transactions to stay informed about payment processing or refund issuance.)
  • Initiating dispute procedures for transactions suspected of errors or fraud.
  • Creating spending reports to facilitate budget management and expense tracking.
  • Easily canceling recurring subscriptions they no longer wish to receive.)

Our platform embraces the growing demand for user-centric financial management by providing a seamless and convenient `Transactions` section. This feature is a testament to our commitment to offering a holistic and organized experience for our users to track and manage their financial activities.