WhatsApp Bot Builder is Going to be Released on 20 th of August
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Dear valued customers,

We are thrilled to announce that the WhatsApp Chatbot building platform is going to be released on 20 August on BotSailor. We have developed the application using the official WhatsApp Cloud API.

To run the WhatsApp Chatbot, you don’t need to verify the Facebook App for WhatsApp. Instead, you only need your own Facebook App and the Business Manager. Creating a Facebook app and integrating it with the WhatsApp bot is super easy and straightforward.

The WhatsApp Chatbot building platform has a visual drag and drop flow builder-based editor. And on the Flow Builder editor, you can easily and quickly build a WhatsApp Chatbot just by dragging and dropping.

The WhatsApp bot can reply to queries from customers with multimedia messages 24/7. Also, it can send broadcasting messages, sequence messages, and collect leads. Besides, WhatsApp Chatbot will provide short links and widgets for your website. Of course, it will have an Ecommerce platform. On the Premium package of the application, you will get LiveChat.

We are releasing the WhatsApp Chatbot builder initially. But we will improve the application day by day.

We have made the WhatsApp bot-building platform with love and passion. And we hope that you will enjoy the WhatsApp bot-building platform and it will help you to flourish your business.

Our success depends on your encouragement.

Stay Safe and Well.

All the best,

Xerone IT Team.
You have mentained abou whatsapp ecommerce, (Of course, it will have an Ecommerce platform) Still e-commerce feature is not available for whatsapp
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