Announcing BotSailor's new WhatsApp Broadcasting Analytics features!
We're thrilled to announce exciting new features for our WhatsApp broadcasting that can take your marketing campaigns to the next level! Now, you can gain deeper insights into your audience broadcast engagement with detailed analytics.

New Broadcast Message Features:
Message Sent, Delivered, Opened, Failed: Get a clear understanding of your broadcast messages. Identify any issues in real time, and optimize your campaigns for maximum reach.
Delivery Time and Date: Know exactly when your messages are delivered or failed to deliver.
Check Message Status: You can now see not only if a message has been sent but also whether it has been read or not.

Unlock powerful insights and drive better results.

These new features empower you to:
Measure campaign effectiveness: track how many messages are opened and identify messages that resonate with your audience.
Optimize delivery times: Schedule broadcasts for peak engagement periods based on delivery data.
Troubleshoot delivery issues: Quickly find out any message failures and ensure your messages reach the right people.

Broadcast with Confidence, Analyze with Precision

This BotSailor's new broadcasting feature helps you craft targeted messages, measure their impact, and refine your strategy for maximum success.
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