Improving User Registration Management on BotSailor White Label Platforms
heni naceur
heni naceur
Hello BotSailor Community and Development Team,

I am writing to submit a suggestion for improvement that I believe could benefit many users of the BotSailor White Label platforms.

Currently, when a user who is already registered on the main BotSailor platform or another White Label platform attempts to register on my White Label platform, the system indicates that this user is already registered. This situation creates confusion and prevents these existing users from registering and using my White Label platform.

This limitation negatively impacts the user experience and restricts the flexibility of users who wish to explore and use different BotSailor White Label platforms.

Proposed Solution:
I suggest improving the registration management system to allow users already registered on a BotSailor platform (main or White Label) to also register on other White Label platforms without encountering a registration conflict.

This enhancement would allow for smoother use of the various platforms and encourage greater adoption and user satisfaction.

Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I hope to see this feature integrated in an upcoming update.