Adding Tutorial Access on BotSailor White Label Platforms
heni naceur
heni naceur
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Hello BotSailor Team and Community,

I would like to propose an enhancement for the BotSailor White Label platforms. I've noticed a difference between the main BotSailor platform and my White Label platform regarding access to video tutorials. On the main platform, there is a YouTube icon at the top of the interface, providing direct access to video tutorials. However, this icon is not available on my White Label platform, and I can't find an option in the settings to add it.

Adding this feature would be extremely beneficial to help my users understand how to effectively use the platform. Could you consider integrating an option to configure the display of this YouTube icon for tutorials on BotSailor White Label platforms?

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I eagerly await your feedback and instructions.
Andy Gracia Lee
i agree, make some new menu for tuturial page