Improve Whatsapp Catalog Ecommerce
Hello. Please make some improvements on WhatsApp Catalog Ecommerce.

1. Why there is only 1 shipping charge setting? So, every place is the same price? Some are weight charges. Some are location-based charges. You should study more about this and refer to another e-commerce platform.

2. Please make us download all the e-commerce customer data into sheets/xls file. Enable us to export our sales report.

3. If an order status is delivered, where to upload the tracking number? How to give this information to our customers?

4. Why I can set a variation product in Meta Commerce Manager but the variant product is not visible in our WhatsApp catalog?
Yes, these are the best enhancements, botsailor team. Please review.
5) Please provide an option to add custom data collection to the checkout URL, like delivery time, where the user can choose the time.
6) Minimum checkout amount: we can check out only if amount is more than 500
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7) WhatsApp Commerce:
In BotSailor, we already offer an e-commerce store solution. It would be highly beneficial if we could incorporate an option to export the product list as a CSV or provide an XML feed URL compatible with Facebook whatsapp catalogs. This would allow users to manage their e-commerce activities seamlessly within BotSailor, establishing it as a comprehensive WhatsApp commerce solution.

8) Additionally, the generated catalog checkout links currently appear unprofessional (e.g., Please consider implementing a format that utilizes order IDs or a more professional structure.
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Hi Team,

9) Order status update, like submitted, approved will not be sent after 24 hours, so please modify that flow with default template message, Usually, when we receive order, shipping or delivery will be done after 24 hrs so message wont get delivered.

10) Please add feature work. If we use them predefined template directly, the checkout links are working, but in between, if we use any user flow or condition, this is not working.
My req is to get the pincode if the pincode entered by user is not within my limit I should not sent the checkout links so i need to use the user flow and condition