Unveiling the Future: BotSailor's Revolutionary Update
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We are incredibly excited and delighted to share with you the eagerly anticipated unveiling of the latest and most cutting-edge update to our flagship product, BotSailor. This update marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, bringing a host of remarkable enhancements and advancements to our AI-driven chatbot platform. This update includes following changes and improvements.

New Postback Removed:
New postback is removed from the bot flow builder.

Dev’s Comment:
We have listened to all your complaints about the new postback in Bot Flow-Builder. We agree it’s very confusing for many. So, we have completely removed it. From now on you can seamlessly integrate Bot Flows using a simple "Start Bot Flow" button within any other Bot Flow.

Warning: Existing bots will continue to function smoothly unless you attempt to edit the bot flow. When you do make edits to an existing bot flow, all connections will be removed. Therefore, you will need to save the data for each component and reconnect them accordingly. Additionally, you must add keywords to the "Start Bot Flow" (as there is no longer a Trigger option available).

Condition Node Flexibility:
Conditions have been upgraded to place them anywhere in your bot flow.

Dev’s Comment:
This update prioritizes adaptability by enabling condition placement virtually anywhere within your bot's workflow – a truly unrestricted feature. Moreover, it introduces the capability to employ conditions seamlessly within 'Sequence' messages, ushering in a realm of boundless potential for finely-tailored user interactions.

Redesigned Visual Flow Builder:
The Flow builder has been redesigned completely.

Dev’s Comment:
We've performed a comprehensive overhaul of the Flow Builder interface. It's not just a mere utility; it's a dynamic canvas for your bot development craftsmanship. The revamped interface is now available for exploration in the comments section, poised to elevate the ease and excitement of your bot creation journey.

Bot Export, Import, Copy and Duplicate:
Now, you can effortlessly duplicate a bot within the same account, copy a bot to a different account, and even export a bot for importing later, whether it's within the same account or a different one.

Dev’s Comment:
Your feedback matters to us, and we've heard you loud and clear. We understand that creating the same chatbot for multiple bot accounts can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. That's why we've implemented these user-friendly features. With just a simple click, copying, duplicating, exporting, and importing bots has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency!

Simplified Label and Sequence Management:
You can remove labels and unsubscribe users from sequences both in the Bot Flow and during live chat interactions.

Dev’s Comment:
We've introduced a simplified feature that allows you to effortlessly add/remove labels and subscribe/unsubscribe users from sequence message directly from the bot flow and from live Chat. Maintaining an organized and engaged subscriber list has never been more convenient.

Assign conversation to Agents:
BotSailor now enables effortless conversation assignment to team members or groups.

Dev’s Comment:
We have introduced a solution to facilitate conversation assignment to particular team members or groups. This feature enhances teamwork, guaranteeing optimal customer support experiences.

Set triggers on Start Bot Flow:
Simplified flow creation by eliminating the Trigger node, start your bot flows directly from the 'Start Bot Flow' option for a faster and simpler building experience.

Dev’s Comment:
We've considered your valuable feedback and, in response, simplified the flow creation process. The Trigger node is now a thing of the past – you can seamlessly initiate your bot flows directly through the 'Start Bot Flow' option. This enhancement not only saves you time but also simplifies your bot development journey significantly.

Adding/Removing Labels and Adding/Removing Sequence:
Users can now effortlessly assign and remove subscribers from pre-built sequences in the Start Bot Flow and using the 'Button' option. Labels can also be added or removed with ease.

Dev’s Comment:
Users can now conveniently assign subscribers to predefined sequences or create new ones directly from the 'Start Bot Flow' and also remove them from a sequence. This can also be accomplished using a button. This functionality empowers users to leverage sequential message sequences, which the chatbot will subsequently deliver to subscribers in an ordered manner. Similar to the “Start Bot Flow,” the 'Button' option can also be utilized to add or remove sequences and labels within the bot.

No Match Reply Frequency Setup:

Sending a "no match" reply every time the subscriber sends messages that don't match any of your keywords can be frustrating. Now, you have the option to configure the frequency for a subscriber. You can choose to send it once in 24 hours or every time.

Dev’s Comment:
Your chatbot's capabilities have been enhanced to accommodate messages that do not align with predefined triggers. This means your chatbot is consistently prepared to assist users, regardless of their queries. The 'No Match Trigger' essentially transforms your bot into a fully-fledged entity, allowing you to guide your clients to specific information by configuring a customized 'No Match' bot. In the event of an unmatched text or inquiry, the bot will provide a relevant response and redirect users to the desired destination. Additionally, this bot offers the flexibility to determine whether the chatbot should respond once a day or every time an unmatched message is received.

Live chat Agent Assign Notification by Pusher:
Enable real-time interaction by using notification to alert the relevant team member whenever an admin or any team member assigns a conversation to them.

Dev’s Comment:
This feature augments the real-time interaction capabilities of your chatbot. In instances where a conversation necessitates the engagement of a live chat agent, notifications are dispatched via Pusher, guaranteeing swift alerting of the appropriate team member. This enhancement significantly enhances the efficiency of managing intricate or confidential inquiries, facilitating a smooth transition from the chatbot to human assistance.

Manual Payment Method for WhatsApp eCommerce Catalog:
Manual payment option has been added to whatsapp ecommerce catalogue.

Dev’s Comment:
Integrate your product catalog into WhatsApp for seamless in-app shopping and increased sales potential, with added Manual Payment Method for improved customer experience

WhatsApp Catalog Webhook:
Send order/update data of a catalog product sales to third party website using Webhook.

Dev’s Comment:
In order to transmit order and catalog update data efficiently from your system to a third-party website, you'll need to establish a Webhook integration. This involves configuring Webhooks on your system to create trigger events for events such as order placement or catalog updates. These events trigger the sending of an HTTP POST request to a unique endpoint provided by the third-party website.

Live Chat ‘System Message’ Display In Center:
Easily assign, organize, and manage chat agents within live chat, all with exclusive visibility for administrators, ensuring privacy and security.

Dev’s Comment:
Our latest update brings you the ability to seamlessly allocate agents from the live chat interface. Whether your task involves subscriber management, sorting them into distinct levels and sequences, or removing them from any level or sequence, it's now conveniently accessible at your fingertips. What's more, all of this sensitive information remains visible exclusively to the admin and team members, guaranteeing utmost privacy and security.

Livechat’s chat data and subscribers list Loads On Scroll:
Our live chat now loads old conversations and all subscribers as you scroll, ensuring you stay on top of your chats effortlessly.

Dev’s Comment:
Eliminate the frustration of overlooked messages with our latest enhancement: the live chat data and subscribers list loads on scroll feature. Now, you have the ability to seamlessly navigate through your historical live chat conversations, including those you may have missed previously. Effortlessly stay updated and in control of your chats.

Add Variables in Live Chat’s Canned Response:
Enhance customer interactions with personalized and efficient canned responses by adding variables, demonstrating our commitment to improving your live chat experience.

Dev’s Comment:
We have introduced the ability to incorporate variables into canned responses, empowering you to deliver more personalized and efficient interactions with your customers. This feature allows for an unprecedented level of response customization. Stay at the forefront of your industry with these compelling enhancements. Our dedication is to continually enhance your live chat experience, making it better than ever.

Last but not the least “The RTL Support”:
Now, BotSailor will support RTL for our White Label Users.

We trust that our users will embrace this update with enthusiasm. Rest assured; we have more exciting updates planned in the near future. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us, and we would greatly appreciate your advice and comments. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us. You can leave your feedback by commenting on this forum announcement below.

Best Regards

Team BotSailor
This is so good. Truly appreciate your proactive approach to improving the system. kudos!


Thank you so much for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that you found our proactive approach to improving the system valuable. We're always committed to enhancing our services, and your encouragement means a lot to us. Kudos to you as well for your support and feedback! If you have any more suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to share them with us.
Andy Gracia Lee
i love new feature export and import bot
may i know is with this we can also copy the aproved message template
so the clone bot just submit and verify it to get aproval