Can you modify following items
Can you modify following items

1. In tax & shipping charge, as our catalogue prices are inclusive of taxes so when we add applicable tax in settings, than at checkout page taxes are added again, kindly do the needful, so that people should see both pretax price, tax price and total.value.

E.g our price on website is INR 100( inclusive of taxes), the same is connected with our woocommerce/ Meta catalogue, which is further connected with WhatsApp Api

So when customer buys from our website it shows
1. Taxable value InR 95
Tax - InR 05
Total invoice - INR 100

But when customer selects from.whatsapp it captures full price I.e INR 100 and further adds INR 5
Total value becomes INR105

Once the cart is received we need to capture address with mandatory details like pincode State etc, so a form also be added in this Before sharing payment link