eCommerce Missing Features
I noticed that your eCommerce is a twin of Chatpion ecommerce, I did requested most important features for an ecommerce system that is ready for real world business use before.
Let me write them all here...

1. Custom Domain Name
2. Language Switcher with currency automatic change according to the selected language (ex: English/Arabic)
3. Online Store customizer (Promo banner, Brand Color, Logo, Categories switcher) like this /> 4. Floating categories button (like here /> 5. Forgot password function
6. Onesignal Notification
7. PWA function
8. SEO editing, with social media banner
9. Extensive SALES REPORTS like on, formatted and can be download as excel file
10. Automatic Receipt Print (integration with will be best to support all the thermal printers)
11. Webhook for customer order details with customer ID and customer information (to integrate to 3rd party software and web application or service providers)
12. Delivery dashboard with delivery order approval/decline feature
13. Simplified checkout with Google Maps API integration to get the correct customer location that will be sent to the driver and webhook.
14. Simplified digital product store design like Gumroad
15. Themes for the online store like
16. Landing page builder

Thank you!
Hey, thanks for sharing your list of essential features for an eCommerce system. Having a custom domain name and a language switcher with currency conversion options are definitely crucial for reaching a broader audience.
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Your list covers some fundamental features for a robust eCommerce platform. Custom domain names and multilingual, multicurrency support are vital for a global audience. Speaking of enhancing your online presence, I've found that link building services can help you acquire high-quality backlinks that improve your website's authority and search engine rankings. It's a great way to drive more organic traffic and reach a wider customer base. Remember, the eCommerce world is ever-evolving, so staying on top of these features and optimizing your online store is key to long-term success.