Simplify the process of import WhatsApp account
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Hello. Why does the other platform, which also uses the Official WhatsApp API, have a better way to import the WhatsApp account? The method is easy for normal users to follow.

Only using the "Continue With Facebook" button. This step is better and straightforward. Some of my users currently cannot use the official WhatsApp API because the method is complicated for them. For developers, yes it would be understandable but not all users have a great way to understand it all.

If you see the example from other platforms, after connecting with Facebook with a button, then it just fills the form. No need to add copying long secret code, create a platform user, etc.
Hello, Actually we can easily implement BSP system for WhatsApp. But this has some drawbacks too. We found that if we use BSP system, then BSP will need to manage all billing of WhatsApp for their client. Which is not feasible for everyone. So for us and for small companies, it better to leave the billing and all control to the users. So users can manage their account and invoice of WhatsApp. That's the reason behind the implementation fo WhatsApp integration through each users' WhatsApp APP. As for this Facebook app doesn't required any approval, so user will not face much hassle.

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It can be better. You can add a recharge system like on other platforms. You can implement and keep both systems. Make sense?

Also, we can add extra markup fees as a BSP, So it's also a revenue source. On other platforms like Wati AIsensy, they added extra 15-20% Markup fees.