Suggestion For Whatsapp Catalog
Andy Gracia Lee
Andy Gracia Lee
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1. Can our user used their own domain store
If not, my buyer of the Botsailor user will see my sub domain (because i install botsailor on sub domain)

2.what payment gateway can be used
I just see the manual payment and stripe options
Can you add another payment options

3. Generated invoice number seem to long

4. Catalog store URL have bad permalink name />
Why put index.php on URL
Seem very bad and not look profesional

1. Your user can't add their own domain currently. We will consider this in future development.

2. I believe there are around 13 payment gateways are available there.

3. Ok, we have given long number though. Anyway we will also think about it.

4. What is this url ? Where you have got this url ? It's not related with BotSailor . It's a blog posting website of us.