Suggestion For Whatsapp Catalog.
1. Send the complete order message to the customer. If involve the tracking number, maybe we can send the status of the order to the customer with a template message.
2. Make a bigger address box in the order form. Some address is not just one line. Since you're not using the address format (street, postcode, state, country). Then, should have a larger box to fill in the address?
3. Make the catalog available in the chatbot flow. If a keyword triggers, maybe the chatbot can send the catalog or product from the catalog. Already asked this before and one of your team (Miraz) said that you don't give this as an option. But I see the e-commerce option in the Interactive flow chatbot.
4. Create an export option for orders. So maybe we can export all the details of the order (including name, items bought, address, and phone) in just 1 Excel file.
5. Notification to owner/seller if there is a sale in Ecommerce? How owner will know there is a sale? Need to check everytime?
Hello, Thanks for your suggestions.

1. Yes, We are going to implement to to send message to WhatsApp after completing the order. And also order status message will be send to the customer.

2. Yes, We are going to provide text area for that.

3. Sorry for the mis-understanding and wrong answer from Miraz. It's already available in chatbot flow with interactive message. We will provide video tutorial on it also very soon.

4. Yes, Sure. We will do.

5. Ok, We will give the option to send email and Whatsapp message too.