Announcing about Telegram Group Automation in BotSailor.
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👋 Hello valued customers! We hope you're having a fantastic day. At [Your Company Name], we believe in continuously improving our services to better meet your needs. That's why we need your help! 🤝

📢 We are considering introducing some exciting new features to enhance your experience on our Telegram groups. We'd love to know your thoughts and preferences before implementing these changes. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of our platform!

🚀 Here are the potential features we're considering:

1️⃣ Auto Reply to Comments: Automatically respond to comments in your Telegram group, ensuring quick and efficient communication.

2️⃣ Spam Detection: Identify and filter out spam messages, creating a cleaner and more enjoyable environment for all members.

3️⃣ Member Suspension or Ban: Take control of your group by easily suspending or banning disruptive members, ensuring a positive and safe community.

4️⃣ Auto Post on Group: Schedule and automate posts to keep your group engaged and updated without any manual effort.

🤔 Now, we need your input! How important do you find these features for your Telegram group? Your opinion matters, and we genuinely value your feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey linked below. It won't take long, we promise! ⏱️

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