Road Map 2023 : Live Chat Inbox Improvement For WhatsApp and Telegram
Hi BotSailor Users,

Hope all of you are doing well. Let me announce a great news that we are now working on to implement many advanced features in BotSailor Live Chat system.

As you know, for both Telegram Bot & WhatsApp Bot, there is no default inbox officially. So it needs to be chat from BotSailor Live Chat option. In the current system there are some lack which we are going to improve & add many advanced stuff to make it more user friendly. Let me share some of them in brief.

1. Real-time chat to make system faster by removing Ajax by socket.

2. Real-time push notification to understand easily if any new message come.

3. Team assign. So any agent can assign any specific chat to other team member for smooth support system.

4. Category of Chat. Like read, unread, archive, all, mine etc.

5. Mobile friendly chat box design.

6. Image, video or file upload directly from live chat option.

7. Multi thread chat box like Desktop Facebook to chat parallel to multiple users.

And many mores gradually.

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment here.

Happy New Year 2023

BotSailor Team.
Andy Gracia Lee
Request feature
Maybe you need to give name on each agent account name
So we can know which agent is chatband handle the conversation

We have 10 agent
Name A, B,C etc

Customer chat on X number
Then which agent can handle the chat first his/her name is mentioned on the live chat
Not the name of WABA account

Also add rotator system
Which mean all chat is divided equals on each agent
Kamrul Hasan

Andy Gracia Lee

Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate your thoughts.
We have implemented them & released the Advanced Shared Team Inbox with Live Chat for BotSailor for WhatsApp and Telegram.