Broadcast campaign to be separated with bot reply
Andy Gracia Lee
Andy Gracia Lee
Halo team,

Seem my post is not have any response from you
so i posted here

i want to report some bug happen here
on broadcast message report is being one within bot reply menu

it make confusing for me and my client

why you not make it separately
broadcast report with own menu
not mixed with bot reply

imagine if you send a lot of broadcast message / often broadcast
then want to edit your bot
you must scrolling down further to find the bot reply
because your bot reply menu is full of broadcast report

please fixed asap
Andy Gracia Lee
here some screen shot
Andy Gracia Lee
as ussual no reply

Seems like we have already replied in Facebook Community group. Anyway i am going to reply it here again. We reply all message as soon as possible. But seems like you like to blame each time as nature. LOL

Anyway broadcast is also one kind of flow builder which has button & with more reply. That's why it also inside bot reply. Anyway we will think about it to separate it if it cause problem to understand.

Andy Gracia Lee
No, i am not blame each time, i am complain
because i am paying client

you better reply on this forum first then shared or posted on group
so you can tell that the problem was replied on forum
that is the point

if posted on group sometimes unreaded because it will scrolled down when new post is comming
so better reply here as milestone to be tracked
and yes please separate broadcast campaign from bot menu because very confusing if you want to edit the bot
Thank you. we will do.
Andy Gracia Lee